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I can teach you Python & more.

Systemically. Pragmatically

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It's Ivan here.

Aloha ✌️

Senior Python Developer, Mentor

For more than ten years, I work as a software developer.  I love to share my experience with peers.

Since 2017 I've been contributing to Datarobot a Boston based Machine Learning unicorn corp.  Before that, I was involved with such industry leaders as Yandex & Wargaming. This experience has helped me to try different roles and understand my strong sides better. I have realised that people are more important to me than computers are.

I am doing mentoring because I want everyone in my team to be able to do my work while I am unavailable. Then I could get a long vacation.

I have a dream to travel around the world one day :)

How could I help you 👌


Introduce to coding foundations and the Computer Science


Learn the super-popular
Python language which is
best for educational purpose


Conduct a mock interview to be ready for real one

My mentees are sharing this 👩‍🎓

Perhaps, I was the first student of this guy about 10 years ago.  I was hoping "to enter the IT-sphere".  And again I want to say Thank you, I didn't even imagine how far this would take me through the life.

Basil Styashkin Bangkok

Practice makes perfect 🐢

It is super important to me when both parties are getting fun in the communication process.  Studying is generally one of the most energy-consuming activities for a human.  And sooner or later, it becomes tedious as well.  As my primary task, I consider to orient a person in the ocean of the unknowns and do no harm their motivation.
My experience shows me that in just one hour per week one is able to discuss a topic in detail.  For all related questions, it is often enough to provide self-study materials and answer questions as soon as they arise. No questions come from those who do not try.

My mini-goal for each one-hour session is to make it so that a person can explain in his own words the material covered, tell how each line of the program works, and write a solution to a similar problem.

Examples of requests to me 👨‍💻

  • When is it better to use built-in data types and when should you write your own class?

  • What tasks does Clean Architecture solve?

  • When can Binary Search be applied?

  • How to write a bot for Telegram or Slack?

  • What sorting algorithms do work in "linear time"?

  • What is the first thing to cover with tests?

  • How to realise that it is enough tests already?

  • Why use DDD?

  • What is the difference between mock and patch?

  • Why are integration tests needed?

  • How do python websites work?

  • How to design a storage (database)?

  • Why are web-sockets needed and how do they work?

  • How do I run my project on a Kubernetes cluster?

  • When is TDD appropriate?

  • What are the advantages of "pure functions"?

  • What to do when you feel burn out?

  • What if my code takes a long time to review?

  • Why don't my brilliant tech ideas get it?

  • How to build automation for CI / CD?

  • Why doesn't my function work the way I think?

  • How can I simplify / shorten my function?

  • What can one read about %blablabla%?

  • How do I pack my code in python / deb / rpm?

  • Why are global variables "suboptimal"?

  • What is the difference between multithreading, parallelism, and concurrency?

  • How to double your salary?

  • How to learn %blablabla% on your own?

  • Why do we need Bridge, Facade, Adapter, etc?

  • How do I write a decorator in python?

  • How do I write a generator in python?

  • How to learn not to be stuck?

  • What are the graph search algorithms?

  • How to convince a peer that my solution is better?

  • What is a good test?

  • How does Docker work?

  • What is HTTP request and HTTP response?

  • What happens when I type "" into my browser and hit enter?

  • What is a typical day for a programmer?

Always invest in yourself 🐝

This will yield results for the rest of your life

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